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Liquid Face Lift with Juvederm Voluma XC Filler

voluma xc juvederm filler facelift

In this video Skin Care Beauty Expert, Joseph Liu, shows you how to get a Liquid Face Lift Injection without surgery with the Voluma XC Filler by Juvederm.

Take a look at this patients with sunspots. She received multiple IPLs (intense pulse light).


“About a Year ago I came in…Fei bi came up to me and offered a Treatment that would Remove all of my Surface Sun Damaged Brown Spots… After a Treatment, a Year ago, They All Disappeared! “

Treat Early Signs of Aging | Voluma XC on Man

early signs of aging voluma xc filler

Learn how we’re able to treat and reverse the early signs of aging with the new Filler, Voluma XC.