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How to tell Superficial sun spots/pigmentation ( in the top layer is called Epidermis) from deeper pigmentation Melasma ( in the bottom layer, the Dermis)?

Sun Spots are
1. Discrete and defined borders
2. Darker in appearance because more superficial
3. Mostly Circular
4. Any part of the face

Melasma are
1. Bigger than sun spots, borers not well defined because its deeper
2. Lighter then sun spots because its deeper
3. Mostly patchy
4. mostly around cheek area on both sids, although head can be involved.

For Patients that have Melasma, you will need a laser treatment that can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Although IPL cannot do that, we still have a Solution for you. It is called the Spectra Laser by Lutronic. Take a look at this video to find out more:


Cutera Laser Hair Removal


Cutera Laser Hair Removal


Cutera Laser Hair Removal


Frequently Asked Questions

What causes it?

It is unknown so far, but research has point to hormonal imbalance, stress, excessive heat, pregnancy, genetics, certain medications ( antidepressants, and Blood pressure medications), inappropriate and unsupervised use of bleaching creams, but nothing compares to the effects of Sun exposure, which can dramatically increase Melasma. Two factors to watch for when receiving treatments for Melasma 1. Heat 2. Peeling.

How is it treated?

Chemical Peels and lasers ( Cosmelon, VI Peels, and Obagi fraxel lasers, CO 2 lasers, and other fractionated lasers) all are possible treatments. However the melanocyte which is the cell that produce Melasma gets irritated by 1. Heat 2. Peeling.

At Skin Perfect Brothers, we’ve been treating Melasma for the past 11 years. We use a laser that does involves minimal to zero heat source, nor does it involve any pealing off the skin. Instead, unlike any other methods (lasers or chem peels) , the laser penetrates deep into the Dermal layer, and become a Shock Wave and shatter the patch of Melasma in to Dust Particles. The lymphatics in the body removes it and detox it out of the body!

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