3 Types of Prescription Acne Creams

Prescription Acne cream topicals that we offer here at Skin Perfect Brothers:

Use PMD cosmeceuticals and combine with the following prescriptions for best results. Click here for testimonials!

1. Acne Clear: If you have comedonal acne, or acne that is dry, no redness, no pus, but just dried up, or your pimple is underneath the skin encapsulated, you need Acne Clear.  It has Retina A, which keeps the pores clean by breaking up plugs or blackheads and white heads.  Retin A will also soften hard cystic acne, ones that are hard and underneath the skin, and causing them to shrink.  Takes about 4 to 6 weeks of regular persistent use to see improvement.  Other ways of breaking up the plugs or blackheads include Silk Peel microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and  are all effective adjunct to topical therapies.

2. Acne Free:  If you have pimple that are red, inflamed, and with white pus, that means there is high bacterial load ( P Acne bacteria).  Bacteria cause the body react via inflammation.  In other words, oil gland infection cause red, inflamed painful pimples.  In this instance antibacterial creams are needed to reduce number of bacteria.  Less inflammation results and less red and brown marks ( acne scars).  It also has Azeliac acid which is great for PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) or brown spots related to acne scars.  Consider Laser Genesis or Fraxel skin peel for scars, either brown spots or craters.

3. Acne Control:  Regardless of the type of acne, after your initial course of Acne Clear and or Acne Free, we will start Acne Control.  It has ingredients that you can use long term for years without causing problems to the skin or loose its effectiveness.  There are no resistance issues.  The percentage of Benzoyl Peroxide and Salycilic Acid is low so ok to use long term without irritation.

Acne Control is safe for pregnant women. Make sure to also add your Laser Genesis, Bluelight Treatment, Silk Peel, or Chemical peels once every two weeks.  This will ensure a more clear and clean face.

How do I apply the creams? Each one use the same way.

  1. Wash face and pat dry
  2. Use only a pea size
  3. Pat the cream all over the face
  4. Look for dryness, flaking, redness or irritation
  5. Any of the above sign, skip a day or two.  One day a week to 7 days a week will work.  Find your own level of comfort.

You can then add your daily routine on top of the Acne Prescription Topical

Takes at least 6 weeks to see big improvement.

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