IPL Cutera Pigmentation Explination By Joseph

IPL Cutera Pigmentation Explanation By Joseph

When you are getting Anti-Aging skin care, YOU NEED THE BEST TREATMENT & EQUIPMENT for GREAT RESULTS.  Skin Beauty Expert Joseph teaches you about IPL SKIN PIGMENTATION removal machine which helps get rid or remove dark skin pigmentation. 

IPL Cutera Pigmentation Explination By JosephWhat kind of IPL do you have?
We have the IPL or Intense Pulse Light from a world leader in laser cosmetic: Cutera.We have the top of the line model called the Xeo Cool Glide, which is a 150 thousands dollar system.  It emits a wave length that is 560nm (nanometer).  At higher wave length the laser targets for skin tightening.  At lower wave length the laser targets for vascular or vein.  We have three kinds of treatments for pigmentation.If the pigmentation is at the surface level we use IPL If at a deeper level we use Fraxel. When its even deeper we use Lutronics Spectral.

Reasons Why We Use Xeo Cool Glide. 

At times when the pulse of light is delivered from the machine, clients may experience a small stinging or pinching sensation. There is a gel that can be applied which helps to minimize discomfort.  However, Xeo Cool Glide Machine has built-in copper which efficiently keeps the skin cool, protected and comfortable.

How Long Do Treatment Times Last?  

The length of treatment depends on the area of the body being treated.  Normally it can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.  You should expect to start seeing result after 2 treatments.

What To Expect After Treatments?

Shortly after treatment, you will see brown spots that will start to darken and your skin may also get red.  This can last up to a few hours, a day or even longer depending on the skin.  Treatment levels can be adjusted for your skin type and treatment goals.  You can usually resume normal activities immediately.  

Dark spots normally will flake and fade away within one to three weeks.  The redness will also decrease and your complexion should begin to improve.

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