V-Line Series Training Program - Basic

v line training program
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The Art of Natural Transformation

What is the V-Line Series?

The V-Line Series is a simplified, systematic way of assessing and treating the aging face.

The Main Concept:

"Fillers Lift, Narrow, and Contour the face.
BTOXN-A, Threads, and other devices enhance filler results."

Joseph, PA, CEO, Creator and Master trainer

V Line Training Program

Anatomical Login for V Lifting

Since the basis of aging is volume loss, injection artists use fillers in the:

5th layer | Bone and periosteum: recreate bony foundation.
Example: Ristow space and anterior maxillary region.

4th layer | Deep fat and ligament: reflate fat pad and support ligaments. Use higher G’* filler.
Mainly for lifting and projection. 3 D injection.

3rd layer | Muscles: lift lips/mouth corner elevator muscles via a lever-pulley system to maximize myomodulation effect. This results in maximal cheek and mouth corner lift.

2nd layer | Superficial fat: reposition fat pad. Mainly for surface contour and diminish
Example: the inferior orbital fat pad can be repositioned upward to cover or camouflage the lower orbital rim to smooth out the lid-cheek junction and rejuvenate the eyes. Use lower G’ filler.

1st layer | skin: re-drapes skin envelope over bony fundament. Mainly for diminishing lines
and wrinkles. 2 D injection.

*G-Prime — one of the key rheological properties of dermal filler. It refers to the viscosity and elasticity
of the product.

V Line Training - Facial Layers

Course Outline:

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Global V Lift Training

Line of Ligament - 80/20 Rule - Lateral or Medial

Medial Injection Pattern

Injector Training - Medial Injection Pattern

Lateral Injection Pattern

Injection Program - Anatomical Prezygomatic space
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Aesthetic Arterial Anatomy

Injection Training Program - Aesthetic Arterial Anatomy
V Lift Injection Training - V Lift Anatomy

V Lift Sales & Consult

V Lift Training Program - V Lift Consultation

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