Brilliant Distinctions


Earn Rewards and Save Money:

The Brilliant Distinctions Points program allows you to accrue points for Botox, Juvederm XC, and Voluma XC purchases.  You can then use your Brilliant Distinctions points to save on future purchases of these same treatments and products.  Additionally, you can earn points with purchases at the Brilliant Distinctions Mall, a collection of online retailers offering a variety of beauty items, clothing, and home goods.



Brilliant Distinctions at Skin Perfect Brothers:

The Brilliant Distinctions Program allows you to accumulate points with some of Plastic Surgery Associate’s most popular noninvasive treatments.  Botox is the number one wrinkle reducing injectable in the country.  Juvederm XC replaces facial volume loss, creating a more youthful appearance.   Although Brilliant Distinctions is not managed by Skin Perfect Brothers, we participate as a benefit to our patients.

Brilliant Distinctions Features:

  • Points for every Botox Cosmetic, Juvederm XC, or Voluma XC purchase at Skin Perfect Brothers
  • Points for purchases at the Brilliant Distinctions Mall
  • Keep up with your rewards online or through the mobile app

Register for Brilliant Distinctions:

Start saving by registering at Brilliant Distinctions and following the online instructions.  Once registered, its time to begin earning points.  Before making your next purchase, let the staff at Skin Perfect Brothers know you are a member of Brilliant Distinctions.  After your Botox, or Juvederm treatment, we will bank your points for you.


Brilliant Distinctions Points:

The more products you use, the more points you can earn.  Every 100 points equals a $10 savings. Let your points build for a bigger savings.

Products and Points:

  • 1 Botox Cosmetic Treatment = 200 points
  • 1 Juvederm XC or Voluma XC syringe = 200 points


Using Your Brilliant Distinctions Coupon:

Log onto Brilliant Distinctions, then click ‘Redeem Points’, to see how many points you have available.  Follow the online instructions to ‘Create Your Coupon’ and print.  Bring your coupon to Skin Perfect Brothers so we can deduct your discount from your next purchase of Botox or Juvederm.  Skin Perfect Brothers cannot redeem your points without the pre-printed coupon.

Earn Save
100 points $10
200 points $20
300 points $30
400 points $40
500 points $50
600 points $60
700 points $70
800 points $80

For more information on the Brilliant Distinctions Program at Skin Perfect Brothers, contact our office at 909.839.0714 or go to


What if I forget to print my coupon?

The Brilliant Distinctions Program is not managed by Skin Perfect Brothers, so we cannot honor your discount without the printed coupon or a coupon on the app.

Do my Brilliant Distinctions points expire?

Your points will expire 9 months from the date of issue.

Can I donate my Brilliant Distinctions points to charity?

The instructions for donating points are available online at Brilliant Distinctions.

Do other offices work with Brilliant Distinctions?

Not every clinic works with Brilliant Distinctions.  Log onto their website to see the participants in your area.

What is the Brilliant Distinctions Mall?

The Brilliant Distinctions Mall is a collection of online retailers that allow you to gather additional points through purchases.