Staff & Charity Events

TIJUANA, MEXICO Charity Trip with Bread of Life Christian Church L.A.


We partnered with a local rehab center, bringing supplies and spending time in prayer.¬†During this time, we met a 21-year-old who was kicked out by his family because he told them he was gay. Sadly, he then became a male prostitute to support himself. Eventually, he fell into a lifestyle of drug abuse. Also unfortunately, another member of the rehab had witnessed his wife cheating on him. Shortly after, he then lost his job as an engineer, and got caught in drug abuse. He even lost contact with his children. Fortunately, his daughter still talked to him, his greatest hope in life was “to see my son again”. In rehab, these young men were able to receive resources and support. The help that they received from rehab is there for them to get back on their feet again and start a new life.

We found that many of the locals with special skills who’d worked in America, had recently been deported back to Mexico. Typically, displaced people such as these find it hard to start over again. Restarting a life without an established community to support them, they often end up homeless. Yet, we were so impressed and moved to see how these people who had so little were so willing to share the food and space that they had.

We love treating our clients¬†at the Skin Perfect Brothers clinic, and we’re thankful for opportunities to bring comfort and supplies to those less fortunate around the world. Overall, we are passionate about bringing our best to the community. All the staff contributed to donate to the cause and $700 was raised in just a few days.


Disaster Relief After Hurricane Harvey

Together the staff raised $2,461.00 to make a difference in the disaster relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey.

The American Red Cross thanks Skin Perfect Brothers Staff for Hurricane Harvey Relief effort