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Skin Perfect

Skin Perfect Brothers Beauty Experts:

Skin Perfect MedSpa - Walnut CA- Joseph, PA-C(Joseph) Fei-Fan Liu, CEO

Has more than 13 years of experience with doing lasers and Botox. He had the privileged opportunity to be trained under Dr. Kitzner M.D of San Diego, an Oculoplastic (eye cosmetic) surgeon in Botox and filler injections. He was employed for three years at UCLA School of Medicine. He is a member of the American Society of Bariatric (weight loss/slimming) physicians and has been doing medical weight loss for the past 13 years. His team member includes Fei-bi Liu PA-C and medical director Yasmin Qasim M.D. Joseph Liu also works in close collaboration with Dr. Chris Ho who is a UCLA trained cosmetic dermatologist.  He also holds a Master’s degree in Theology from Fuller Seminary. He considers his greatest achievements is having his wife Pearl and three children. He is also a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, USA.


Yasmin Qasim, MD. Director, Owner of SPB

Christopher Ho, MD. Dermatologist / Consultant

More pictures about Charity and staff event HERE


Ongoing training on newest developments in the industry for entire staff 

Skin Perfect launches 2004skin-perfect-brothers-banner-coolsculpting

Skin Perfect Staff
 Coolsculpting University special training in Pleasanton 

Sculptra Staff Training

Las Vegas Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa conference 

Fraxel and Thermage Training in Santa Monica

Allergan at Skin Perfect MedSpa WalnutBeverly Hills Allergan training with Dr. Raj Chopra

Christopher Ho, MD. Dermatologist lecture training at Laguna Beach

Training/Product Update on Silk Peel, Laser Genesis, and RF/Oxygen Eye Care at Skin Perfect