TIJUANA, MEXICO charity trip with bread of life christian church. This was an eye-opening and life-changing experience! Always be grateful for what you have.

TIJUANA, MEXICO Charity trip with bread of life christian church



  1. At rehab, we met a 21 year old who was kicked out by his family because he told them he was gay. He then lived as a male prostitute and did drugs. He is now at rehab receiving material help and starting a beginning. We brought groceries and prayers to the shelter.

      2. Another man got a new beginning. His wife cheated on him, lost his job as an engineer, got caught in drug abuse and lost contact with his children. While his daughter still talks to him, his greatest hope in life is “to see my son again”.

      3. People with skills worked in America and have suddenly been deported back to Mexico. It is hard for them to restart their life as they don’t know anyone and often end up homeless. I was so impressed and moved to see how these people who had nothing were so willing to share the little food that they had.



Wether it’s at the clinic or for the less fortunates, we love to help. All the staff contributed to donate to the cause and $700 was raised in just a few days.