Double Chin

treatment for double chin

The FDA has approved two kinds of treatments for removing a double chin. One is Coolsculpting and the other is Kybella. Which one is right for you? Come in for a free consultation and let our experts choose the best treatment plan for you.

Below is a general comparison between both treatments. Results are similar.

CoolSculpting Vs Kybella Comparison
General Comments:

1. Two main factors determine which treatment is best: the amount of fat present or the amount of loose skin present in the chin area.

2. The tightening effect of Kybella was based on reports by physicians during training conferences. A possible explanation given is that the inflammatory process induced by Kybella leads to collagen remodeling and reassembling.

3. The small applicator tool shown below is an assessment tool to measure the amount of fat that can be frozen during a Coolsculpting treatment. We place this under chin during consultation, looking for a good fit without spaces. Not all chin fat will fit into this cup snugly, in which case one should consider Kybella as an alternative.

You may book a free consultation to see if you are a good candidate for these treatments.

Coolsculpting consultation tool