Sun Spots treated by Spectra Green Laser

Spectra Green Laser for Pigmentation

What is Spectra Green Laser?

Green Laser (532 nm wavelength) goes deeper than IPL. It causes minimal to zero pain and is safe and ideal for eye and brow areas.


It penetrates deeper than IPL (which is not a laser, it is a light source) for the removal of sun spots. Most sun spots will respond to IPL, although there are some sun spots that are deeper which require lasers such as Spectra. Green lasers are more effective than IPL in most cases. It is safe for sensitive areas, such as near the eye, or even eye lids, as the 532 nm wavelength does not penetrate beyond the full thickness of the eye lid’s skin.

Client Treated at Skin Perfect BrothersBefore and After - Green Laser Sun Spot Removal

How will I know it will work for me?

  • It is not for the whole face. Treats 2-3 spots per session.
  • Sun Spot needs to be at least a half a dime size. 
  • If IPL did not work for you, Spectra Green Laser should be considered.
  • Most time it will work after 2 sessions, however, it may take up to 3 or 4 sessions for it to work.
  • There will be a scab for 2-4 days after the treatment.
  • Post-care includes Neosporin and sunscreen 3 times a day.

Live Demo of Green Laser

Client Treated at Skin Perfect BrothersSun Spots Removal Spectra Green Laser

How can I differentiate Sun Spots from Melasma and PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation)?


Sun Spots
1. Discrete and have defined borders
2. Darker in appearance because it is more superficial
3. Mostly circular in shape
4. Can occur on any part of the face

Melasma – Brown, flat patches over the cheeks, forehead and upper lips on both sides.
1. Bigger than sun spots with borders that are not well defined because it is deeper
2. Lighter in color than sun spots because it is deeper
3. Mostly patchy
4. Mostly around cheek area(s) on both sides, although other parts of the face can be involved

Melasma Treatment Walnut California

Melasma Before and After Photos Walnut CA

Clients Treated at Skin Perfect Brothers

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