Hair Removal


Laser Hair Removal is a procedure used to remove unwanted hair from the body using lasers. It’s generally considered to be less painful than electrolysis, and faster too!

    • Your skin will looked like it’s waxed, and you won’t ever have to grow it out.
    • Save time and money instead of shaving every day!
    • Areas inconvenient for shaving and waxing can be treated quickly, preventing embarrassment
    • You will need at least 6 treatment
    • 1 treatment per 8-12 weeks
    • See 70%-90% improvement
      • Before-hair
        Before hair After
      • Before-h
        Before h After

We use the Cutera Laser to remove the following:

Large Areas

Full Face, Lower Arm , Upper Arm , Lower Leg , Upper Leg,

Full Neck, Stomach Area, Back Area, Chest Area

Medium Areas

Partial Face, Upper or Lower Face, Upper or Lower Neck

Both Ear Lobes, Both Eye Brows, Partial Neck

Both Shoulders, Both Hands

Small Areas

Upper Lip and Chin, Side Burns, Happy Trail, Underarms


Laser Hair Removal can save you time and money that you currently spend on shaving and waxing. It also yields a clean look that you can’t achieve with just shaving.

Anonymous   August 13, 2017  

Yes, in fact, we recommend you shave the day of the treatment. However, please do not wax, bleach, or pluck hairs in the area you want to have treated for three weeks before your treatment date.

Anonymous   August 13, 2017  

The number of treatments that you will require varies upon your hair and skin color, as well as other genetic factors. Please make an appointment to get an estimate of how many treatments it will take for your personal hair removal.

Anonymous   August 13, 2017  

There will be redness on the treated areas for couple of hours. Stay away from warm environments such as sauna, sun tan places and hot baths for at least 12 hours to avoid side effects such as blistering and hyperpigmentation. Also we do not laser over tattooed areas.

Anonymous   August 13, 2017  

After 4-6 treatments (spaced out every 4-5 weeks for the face or every 6-8 weeks for the arms/body/legs), most patients will see a 50-80% reduction in hair. Hair that remains should be thinner, lighter in color, softer, and grows more slowly.

Anonymous   August 13, 2017