Spectra Laser


Spectra Laser has several applications due to its various wavelengths. It’s like having multiple lasers in one easy-to-use platform. This treatment is most effective on Sunspots, Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), Melasma, and Tattoo Removal.


The Spectra Laser uses acoustic vibrations to break up the pigments which scatter into small pieces to be detoxed from your body through the lymphatic system.

The benefit of this treatment compared to Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or Fraxel is that it penetrates deeper underneath the skin and causes melanin to scatter with the help of a thick carbon cream. The non-ablative laser will target areas of pigmentation such as melasma and other dark spots, destroying the melanin cells that cause them without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue.

To follow up, the Spectra Toning treatment may also reduce pore size and the appearance of fine wrinkles, and improve the overall texture of the treated skin. Most patients need 6-8 sessions of Spectra Toning treatments to see full results.

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