Lip Augmentation

non-surgical lip augmentation

Our Guarantee

Whether you’ve noticed your lips thinning over time, or simply want fuller lips, Skin Perfect Brothers can give you natural-looking results that last with a non-surgical lip augmentation. We will NEVER overfill your lips to look unnatural!


  • Get the PERFECT pout.
  • Get more LUSCIOUS, PLUMPER, and FULLER lips.
  • SOFTEN wrinkles on your upper lip line.

PDO and Filler lip flip is quick and easy! It only takes 15 minutes with no down time.

PDO Threads benefits include :
– Contours the border!
– Improves upper lip wrinkles!
– Instant Results!
– Helps to grow more collagen!
– Creates a vibrant, natural, and plumped lip!

Fillers benefits include :

– More Volume!
– Luscious lips!


  • Before- Restore symmetry
    After- Restore symmetry
    Before Restore symmetry After
  • Before- More pouty/lushes/sexy
    After- More pouty/lushes/sexy
    Before More pouty/lushes/sexy After
  • Before-lips before / after
    After-lips before / after
    Before lips before / after After
  • Before-b / a
    After-b / a
    Before b / a After
  • Before-PDO thread lips
    After-PDO thread lips
    Before PDO thread lips After
  • Before-miranda lips
    After-miranda lips
    Before miranda lips After
  • Before-Lips before / after
    After-Lips before / after
    Before Lips before / after After


Fillers We Offer

Lasting Results

Treatment times are only 15 minutes with results last from 6-9 months!