Lip Augmentation


Our Guarantee

Whether you’ve noticed your lips thinning over time, or simply want fuller lips, Skin Perfect Brothers can give you natural-looking results that last.

  1. We will NEVER overfill your lips to look unnatural

  2. Natural enhancement.



  1. Get the PERFECT Pout.

  2. Get more LUSCIOUS ,PLUMPER, and FULLER  lips.

  3. SOFTEN Wrinkles on your upper lip and lip lines.

 Different type of Fillers

        1. Belotero

        2. Restylane Silk

        3.  Juvederm Ultra XC


        1. Treatment time – 15 minutes

       2. Last to 6-9 months

Side Benefit

       1. Lift  mouth corners

       2. Fill your upper lip lines

Unique lips for Uniquely You! Because no one lip fits all faces, below are unique requests our clients desired:

  1. More pouty/lushes/sexy
  2. More defined Cupid’s Bow/ Philtrum
  3. More slightly defined border
  4. Less Wrinkles with mild plump

1. More pouty/lushes/sexy (3D contour)


2. More defined Cupid’s Bow/ Philtrum


4. More slightly defined border

3. Less Wrinkles with mild plump