V Line Aesthetics Master Training Program

Our Training Program is designed to help you on your Master Injection journey! We want to take you on the journey with us to learning and growing together!

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The Art of Natural Transformation

This Training Program is for:

Training Program 1:   Anyone (consultant role): Undoubtedly, the only requirement is a passion for beauty and art. Indeed, this program prepares non-medical persons to consult.  Particularly, you can also recommend possible treatment options to customers. Additionally, this program can be for LVNs, MAs, Aestheticians, and anyone who feels they can be trained as a consultant. Furthermore, Program One can be redesigned and tailored for any group of students. Students may also use a design pen (but not a needle). Definitely, a licensed medical staff such as RN, NP, PA, or MA confirm the consultant’s work and perform treatments. 

Training Program 2:  Licensed medical person: Equslly important, this program prepares the participant to get the foundational information. Including hands-on experience to do basic botox, fillers, and lasers through the V-line series method.  Understandably, if selected, students will become part of the team and be trained as “Master injectors”.  Further,  they may be further trained as “Master aesthetic trainers.” 

Training Program | What is the V-Line Series?

The V-Line Series is a simplified, systematic way of assessing and treating the aging face.

The Main Concept of our Training Program:

"Fillers Lift, Narrow, and Contour the face.
BTOXN-A, Threads, and other devices enhance filler results."

The Anatomical Logic behind the V-Lift | Training Program

Since the basis of aging is volume loss, then injection artists fill the:

5th layer |  Bone and periosteum:  recreate bony foundation.
Example: Ristow space and anterior maxillary region.

4th layer | Deep fat and ligament: reflate fat pad and support ligaments. Use higher  G’* filler.

3rd layer | Muscles: lift lips/mouth corner elevator muscles via a lever-pulley system to maximize myomodulation effect.  This results in maximal cheek and mouth corner lift. 

2nd layer | Superficial fat: reposition fat pad. 
Example: the inferior orbital fat pad can be repositioned upward to cover or camouflage the lower orbital rim to smooth out the lid-cheek junction and rejuvenate the eyes. Use lower G’ filler. 

1st layer | skin: re-drapes skin envelope over bony fundament.

*G-Prime — one of the key rheological properties of dermal filler. It refers to the viscosity and elasticity of the product.
V Lift Injection Training - V Lift Anatomy

Values of the V-Line Aesthetics Practice | Training Program

“Care” for patients. 

“Loyalty” to the team and brand. (For students demonstrating strong leadership skills and applying for a job with VLA.)

A General Training Program Summary

In other words, our V-Line Series Training Program offers a one-on-one mentorship program through a high-level operating medical spa. Best of all, we are treating between sixty to ninety patients daily. Treated by a team of Medical Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Registered Nurses, and other supporting staff members. Finally this training program offers hands-on medical spa training experience to its students.                   


Course Emphasis: 

Personalized one-on-one V-Lift technique mentorship with a focus on 

1. Safety

2.  Natural Results 

3. Sales and Consultation. 

Facial anatomy will be taught throughout the duration of the course. All information will be backed up by textbooks, articles, and webinars presented by world-renowned expert injectors accessed via Kajabi.

Training Program Level 1 Course:
3 hours of shadowing. The trainee will be taught facial anatomy and design, sales, treatment methods, and how to handle side effects. Visual instruction only.

Cost: $300

Training Program Level 2 Course:

3 days of mentoring. Hands-on experience with 3-5 patients.

This course includes basic photography, marketing systems, operational flow, and all items included in Level 1 course.

Interview required before application. Cost: Varies/Tailored to Trainee

Training Program Level 3 Course:

6 months of intensive mentoring. Course materials and hands-on experience.

This course includes plenty of patient injection experience tailored to the needs of students and all items included in Level 2 course.

Interview required before application. Cost: Varies/Tailored to Trainee

Goals of this course:

(1) Develop the best treatment plan for patients

(2) Design the face

(3) Anatomy-based consultation

(4) “Zero pressure sales.”


Throughout the duration of this training program, V-Line Aesthetics does not permit the photography, removal, or replication of any intellectual or physical contents from its property without written consent from the management team.  
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Specifically, what is V-Line Power Lift?

Accordingly, V-Line Power Lift is a specialized aesthetic procedure utilized to lift the face. Injecting via the artistic use of Fillers, PDO Threads, and Xeomin. With this exclusive technique delivers 3-D injection points on the face, recreating youthful contours such as defined jawlines and the natural v-line shape. Benefits include improved laugh lines, under-eye aging, and droopy mouth corners. 

Also, what is V-Line Power Slim? 

In short, V-Line Power Slim is a three-step procedure that shapes the jaw into a more slender, snatched, and defined shape. 

1. Slim down jaw bulges with Botox Facial Slimming 

Botox Facial Slimming is an “off-label” use of Botox, just as the forehead is “off-label,” but it is done commonly). This step takes an injection of 20-60u on each side of the cheek. Typical cases see facial slimming in less than two weeks, with results lasting up to 6 months. 

2. Melt away cheek fat (buccal fat) with Kybella (off-label usage). 

Hanging cheek fat is also known as buccal fat. With the aging process and gravity, the fat in the cheek gets pulled down to the corners of the mouth, creating a sad and tired look. Kybella injections can be used off-label to address this area. Treatment for this area generally takes 2 to 3 sessions a few weeks apart, with results fully present within four weeks. 

3. Melt away chin fat with FDA-approved Kybella. 

Kybella is an FDA-approved on-label treatment for double chins. Once the fat is gone from under the chin, you may consider tightening treatments as well, such as Ultherapy and Potenza. 

(Consider Chin Extension with fillers to further enhance the results)

What is Lip Art?

Lip Art is a specialized technique used to craft youthful and natural lips through the artistic use of Fillers, PDO Threads, and Botox. Unlike other brands, the V-Line aesthetics applies the principle of Balance, Proportion, and Harmony to guide the injection artist to deliver safe and natural results with minimal discomfort.

  1. Learn to identify all the parts of a lip unit and how aging affects each part
  2. Learn how to do the Russian Technique, the standard technique, using a needle and cannula or BD (insulin) needle.
  3. Learn How to anticipate filler migration and resolve it using Hylenex.
  4. Learn how to blend the fillers for a plump and volumized look or use straight non-blended fillers to perform a “lip flip.”
  5. Learn how to flip the lip without injecting the lip with fillers.
  6. Learn how to harmonize lip augmentation with the nose and chin.

What is Jawline Contour?

Students will learn to tighten the jawline with Btoxn A (microtox technique along the jawline), PDO Threads, and High G prime fillers. Jowl fat will be re-positioned back above the jaw line for a contoured, defined jaw profile. The mouth corner will be lifted as well.

V-Lift Injection Anatomy and Technique

A simplified and systematic way of injecting with the V-lift method. 

Combining these three major regions will give the most natural V-lifting results.

ART and V-lifting 

The trainee will be taught the technical properties, the artistic use of fillers, and the differentiating subtleties in anatomy. 

1. Techniques: At least three different injection techniques will be taught for each facial region. The art is learning to decide which of the three, or a combination of two, or all three, is best for each unique anatomy. Learning just one way to treat every face will leave some happy, others, not as much. Additionally, the trainee will be instructed in the art of using needles, cannulas, and different needle gauges in specific areas for safe practice. 

2. Filler personality and rheology: Learn the properties of each type of filler and decide when to use lifting fillers (thick viscous and elastic resisting compression), soft spreading fillers (flexible and cohesive), or a combination of the two. The student will learn about G prime, cohesivity, stretchability, and tissue integration of fillers. Further, the student will learn concentration, flexibility, viscoelasticity, cross-linking and expression technology, filler blending, and how to dissolve fillers effectively based on the above characteristics. Lastly, the trainee will learn which group of fillers are more hydrophilic, likely to cause facial edema or filler migration (eyes and lips are particularly vulnerable), and how to place them in the correct depth. 

3. Anatomy: A patient’s gender, ethnicity, previous treatments, surgeries, and medical history all affect the biophysics of their facial anatomies, such as the muscles and fat pads. Discerning these variations allows the injection artist to produce the most natural result. 

Cannula Skills 

The Cannula course is ideal for aesthetic practitioners who already have basic knowledge of dermal filler injections and feel ready to develop their understanding of alternative techniques by exploring the use of the cannula. Learning to inject with a needle is the building block to aesthetic injection; however, for many procedures, mastering cannula techniques opens the door to quicker and safer results with less bruising, bleeding, discomfort, and ultimately fewer side effects, complications, and greater patient satisfaction. This course will explain the benefits of the cannula and what anatomic area is best for this approach. 

Advanced Course | Training Program


V-Line 3D Contour: Forehead, Temple, Glabella Hollow, Nose, and Chin and submental region and A-frame deformity (hollow eye socket) correction. 

Although each individual is unique, certain facial features are more common to some ethnicities than others. For example, Europeans tend to have more projected features than their Asian counterparts. V-Line 3-D contouring is a 3-step process that requires the strategic injections of fillers, such as Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane, and Sculptra, in three different areas to make the central face more projected. 

V-line 3D contouring is determined by three projected points: 

  1. Forehead 
  2. Nose/lips 
  3. Chin 

V-line 3D contouring solves the following problems: 

  1. Flat forehead/Sunken temples 
  2. Depression in the nose bridge and tip 
  3. Thin lips and shortened chin 

Our V-Line 3D contouring treatment is customized for each person’s unique facial features. Thus, you may need a combination of all three steps for the best results. 

Forehead Contour

  • Learn detailed anatomy and safer injection technique for forehead contour and reflation. 
  • Learn how to leverage forehead convexity for brow lift using PDO threads. 
  • Learn to smooth out the forehead surface (wrinkles and dents) and treat Botox side effects. 

Temple Contour

  • Learn how to leverage temple anatomy to lift the mid and lower face using our signature “Vertical Power Lift” with the PDO Threads technique.
  • Learn how to reflate temples with fillers and avoid complications such as blindness, taste changes, and pulmonary embolism by avoiding the blood vessels and arteries. 

Glabella Hollow

Learn how to use filler and threads and Botoxn A in the Glabella region in a very safe manner to treat wrinkles and depression to fill in for a smoother surface. 


Learn how to elevate the nose tip, and smooth out the hump in the middle of the nose using fillers and threads. Learn how to narrow the nostril.


Learn how to extend or project the chin using fillers and erase wrinkles on the chin using blended fillers and Botox A.  Learn the principle of rebalancing. Learn how to lift the face using fillers to weaken the lip depressor and jawline and give mechanical power to lip elevators.  

Specialty (Advanced) Training Program: PDO Threads


PDO Threads using the “Vertical V line Power Lift” technique: Traditional Lift with PDO starts from the zygoma and down toward the mouth corner. With the unique “Vertical V line,” anchoring or fixation of threads is the primary objective. Anchoring can be achieved through deep fascia anchoring and cross-hatching technique using our unique Vectors (the L & V) and Vertical vectoring. Anchoring or fixation of threads provides long-lasting results keeping threads tension high even with exaggerated facial expressions.                                                                     

Students will learn to assess zygomatic bone placement, anterior convexity, temple volume status, and jowl fat droopiness to determine which vectors receive more threads and fixation. Students will also learn to improve neck skin laxity through PDO lifting. Students will apply art (discern different facial shapes) to make sure the zygoma is not too pronounced or the face is not too wide after thread lift. Students will learn to combine fillers and threads alone with toxins to lift the face as well as how to avoid dimpling, bunching, thread protrusion, puckering, and migration and learn to fix those issues in case they happen.

Instalyft Sculptra Cone Threads

Students will learn when to use PDO vs. Cone threads and apply the above techniques to facial lifting. Furthermore, combining both kinds of threads at different layers of skin will be shown. Students will learn how to manage the side effects of cone threads and how to avoid them.




Students will learn to inject Botox to improve the necklace line, platysma band, neck lift, jaw lift and tightening using the “ microtox “ method. Students will learn how to blend fillers to be injected into the neck for collagen growth and wrinkles improvement. 

Also, PDO threads for neck rejuvenation will be included in the training. The Microtox method will shrink pores and give skin a better shine. 



Students will learn to use blended bio stimulators/fillers and Botox A to improve the appearance of the chest. Angel PDO threads can be used to enhance the result.



Students will learn how to inject the trapezius to relieve discomfort but to diminish the size of the upper shoulder for a more feminized appearance. 

Hyperhidrosis (Sweating Underarm) 


Students will learn how to inject Botox A to decrease excessive sweating in the armpit. 


Butt Lift 


Students will learn to use blended radiesse for butt lift:




  1. Cellulite
  2. Contour buttock region 
  3. Volumnize

Botox A or Xeomin


Students will learn to use Botox A (Xeomin): 





  1. Upper Face
  2. Mid Face
  3. Lower Face
  1. To lift 
  2. Contour facial proportion 
  3. Decrease wrinkles 
  4. Adjust brow position with the help of fillers 
  5. Decrease TMJ symptoms 
  6. Decrease Armpit, hand, and feet sweating effectively 
  7. Botox A (Xeomin) skin-boosting to minimize pores and smooth skin
  8. Learn the principle of Re-balance to ensure natural brow position.  

*Use of blended Radiesse and Sculptra will be taught to improve skin clarity, tone, and texture 

Business Operation Module

Students interested in running a clinic eventually can apply to become part of the team.  After the 7th year, you may be eligible to become an anchor practitioner.  That means possibilities such as profit share, stakeholder, or establishing a new clinic with a brand unique to the practitioner. VLA Corporate will provide major funding, marketing, IT support, and operational and system support. 

This program allows the trainee to shadow, observe, and train on full operation day of the Medical Spa as well as excel as master injector and trainer. 

  1. Practice Policy & Procedure (Digital File & Training Video) will be provided. 
  2. Medical spa operational compliance checklist, corporate structure compliance checklist,  
  3. 3 must-have legal contracts and legal referrals will be provided. 
  4. Digital marketing strategy and internal and external marketing team building will be taught. 
  5. Legacy Branding: Find your voice, unique identity, and personal power in social media.  
  6. “Zero pressure sales “ video. 
  7. 10 top reasons medical spas fail. Only 10% of medical spas survive past five years. 
  8. Inventory tracking 
  9. Accounting for a Medical Spa. How to spot theft (66% of med spa suffers grand theft).  How to comply from an accounting perspective with the physician medical director. 
  10. How to prevent frivolous lawsuits or pass a medical board investigation. 
  11. How to create and execute systems tailored to a medical spa.
  12. The labor law compliance checklist and the HR system will be taught and given. 
  13. Qualified candidate will learn to move from 1k1( beginner )  to 8k1 ( master injector ). You will learn to consult and sell a package of 1k to 8k and perform them in one hour ( complicated cases take two hours )  safely and craft the most natural results with minimal discomfort. See Kajabi training Video for patient testimonies. Past students have reached 5k1 in less than three years. The below scale is dynamic based on individual passion and ability. 

Beginner V lift injection artist: 1  to 3 years. 

       1k1: 1000$ package. The procedure is done in one hour.

       2k1: 2000$ package. The procedure is done in one hour 

       3K1:  3000$ package. The procedure is done in one hour.


Intermediate to advanced V lift injection artist : 3-7 years 

       4k1 and 5k1: 4000$ or 5000$ package done in one hour. 


Master V lift injection artist: 7-10 years. 

     8K1: 8000$ package.  The procedure is done in one hour (Max 1.5 hours.) 


Master Trainer  level 10 years to 15 years 

   10k1: 10,000$ package: Procedure done in 1 hour ( 2-3 visits. )


The most favored fillers are : 

1. Hi G’ highest lifting HA  filler: Restylane Lyft for mid and lateral face 90%, nose 70%. 

2. Jawline: Radiesse and PDO threads. 70% use these products. 

3. Chin and temple: Restylane Lyft, Blended Restylane Contour or strait Voluma. 

4. Forehead: Restylane Contour, Voluma, or Balotero blended down to adjust for spread. 

5.  Lips: Kysse 90% usage. 10% Juvederm. 

Sample Certification

v line certificate skin perfect brothers
v line certificate skin perfect brothers

Founder, CEO, and Master Injection Artist
Joseph Liu, PA


Course Editor and Consultant 

Christopher Ho, MD, Dermatologist, Havard Trained 

Diana Nguyen, MD, Medical Director, 20 years medical spa owner. VLA Trainer. 


Text or Call : 909 839-0714. 
Ask for Sarah or Irene. 

Meet the CEO of V Line Aesthetics | Master Injector | Injection Artists: Joseph

Joseph Liu is the CEO of V Line Aesthetics Consulting Inc and Injection Trainer for our Injection Artists. Importantly, the company collaborates with physicians in areas of education, marketing, and operations in the Medical Spa industry.

Undoubtedly, with over 18 years of experience in aesthetics, Joseph bears an impressive and successful career with cosmetic procedures. Thereafter, he was employed for three years at UCLA School of Medicine and currently works under supervision of Diana Ngyuen, M.D, who also has 20 years of medical spa experience.

Joseph Liu also works in close collaboration with Dr. Chris Ho who is a UCLA trained cosmetic dermatologist. He is also a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, USA. Dr Ho finished one year of residency training in aesthetic and lasers at Harvard school of Medicine.







Joseph master injection artist - master course

Diana Nguyen, MD, Medical Director, 20 years medical spa owner. VLA Trainer.

Aesthetic Practitioners culture

Dr. Diana Nguyen, Staff Physician, received her undergraduate degree from UCLA and her medical degree from St. George’s University School of Medicine. She completed her residency at University of Southern California. Dr. Nguyen’s certifications include the American Academy of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine, Innovations in Facial Aesthetic Medicine, and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. As an active participant of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Nguyen has received comprehensive training in facial surgery and patient care.

Dr. Nguyen’s passion for anti-aging medicine and holistic health has made her an expert injector and wellness advocate. She has received awards for Women in Business, Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award, Image Skincare Physician of the Year, and Women’s Business Institute and has been featured in Fortune Business and OC Metro’s 20 Women to Watch.

Christopher Ho, MD, Dermatologist, Harvard and UCLA Trained

experts and artists dr ho

Dr. Ho earned both his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from Stanford University in Northern California. He went on to earn his medical degree from the Keck School Of Medicine of the University Of Southern California. Later on, he went through a dermatology internship and residency at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where he served as Chief Resident.

To ensure he’s always up-to-date with the latest dermatological diagnostic and treatment options, Dr. Ho completed additional training in cosmetic and laser surgery through Harvard University in Boston. He’s also board certified by the American Board of Dermatology and has had the opportunity to author numerous textbooks and peer-reviewed journal articles.

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