Melasma Spots Treatment WalnutSpectra Laser

Laser Specs:

1. Q Switch

2. 1064 Yag

3. 5 Nano Sec Pulse Width

Benefits: Great Result. No Pain! No Down Time! No Peeling! No Redness!

How to differentiate Superficial sunspots/pigmentation (top layer of the Epidermis) from deeper pigmentation Melasma (bottom layer or the Dermis)?

FDA Approved Melasma Tx:

Spectra : Yes 

Picosure: No

Sun Spots are
1. Discrete and have defined borders
2. Darker in appearance because it is more superficial
3. Mostly circular in shape
4. Can occur on any part of the face

Melasma are
1. Bigger than sun spots but the borders are not well defined because it is deeper
2. It is lighter than sunspots because it is deeper
3. Mostly patchy
4. Mostly around cheek area(s) on both sides, although any parts of the face can be involved.

 Below patients some of them have PIH ( pigmented scars) over their melasma from trying to treat initial melasma.   So melasma and PIH is often mixed together.  Both are cleared with same Spectral laser at the same time. 

Melasma IPL Green Laser - Fraxel and Spectra Laser For patients that have Melasma, you will need a laser treatment that can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Since IPL cannot achieve this, the Spectra Laser is the solution for you. Our laser is from Korea and it’s called the Spectra Laser by Lutronic. It is ideal for ethnic skin.

At Skin Perfect Brothers, we’ve been treating Melasma for the past 12 years. We use a laser that involves minimal to zero heat source.  There is no pealing of skin. Unlike other lasers or chemical peel methods, the Spectra laser penetrates deep into the Dermal layer, and shatters the patch of Melasma into dust particles thanks to Shock Wave technology. The lymphatics in the body then removes it by detoxing it out of the body!   
Clients Treated at Skin Perfect Brothers 



After – A happy client, 6 months after Spectra

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Post Care

Melasma is a CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY condition. Eating an ANTI-INFLAMMATORY diet may reduce the chance of recurrence.   Consider IV-skin /lightening detox with Glutathione and Vitamin C.   See IV-injections for detail.


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Life Style Clarity Program

12 treatment on average but some may need up to 18 treatments.

admin   September 25, 2014  

It is unknown so far, but research has point to hormonal imbalance, stress, excessive heat, pregnancy, genetics, certain medications (such as antidepressants and blood pressure medications), inappropriate and unsupervised use of bleaching creams, and ultimately the damaging effects of sun exposure, which can dramatically increase Melasma.

Two factors to watch for when receiving treatments for Melasma:

1. Heat

2. Peeling

admin   August 28, 2014  

Chemical Peels and lasers (Cosmelon, VI Peels, and Obagi fraxel lasers, CO 2 lasers, and other fractionated lasers) are all possible treatments. However, the melanocyte which is the cell that produce Melasma gets irritated by:

1. Heat

2. Peeling

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You can complete a session during lunch time and return back to work in 15 minutes!

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We use Short pulse width which becomes shockwave energy so there is no burning and no heat.

admin   August 28, 2014