Meso Botox

Meso Botox

1. What is it?

“Meso Botox” delivers Botox in a new way via diluted microdroplets via Micropen (microneedle) , Mesotherapy gun, or microinjections after being premixed with rich antioxidants.

2. How is it different from regular Botox injections?

Rather than inject right into the muscle layer, we inject this mixture into the surface of the skin where the oil and sweat glands are located.

3. Why does it work and what improvements will I see?

Because superficial muscle fibers attach to the skin’s surface, partially blocking the activities of these muscles, oil glands, and sweat glands lead to the following improvements:

1. Static, non-moving wrinkles and creases will diminish

2. Sweating in the nose and upper lip decreases

3.  Hypersecretion of the oil glands decreases, which also decreases acne breakouts

4. Skin is tightens and neck wrinkles are diminish because of all the muscles that pull down the face, mouth corners, and jawline start to relax so that other muscles that elevate the face can take over.

5. Pore size improves for better skin texture because of a decrease in the oil and sweat plugs that form blackheads.

6. Under-eye wrinkles that aren’t treatable by Botox due to loose skin will still benefit from this treatment as well.

4. What areas are treated?

– Face

– Nose and upper lip

– Neck

– Décolleté

– Hands

Injection sites