QWO Cellulite Removal

Accordingly, QWO is a prescription medication injectable option for moderate to severe cellulite in the butt area. Above all, we treat Cellulite with QWO in different ways! QWO both activates Enzymatic Subcision and remodels fat lobules! 

Additionally, as we age, our skin sags and we develop lines and wrinkles due to collagen loss. After all, Thermage uses a heating and cooling radiofrequency device to resurface the lost collagen within our skin. Also, we apply heat to the collagen then decreasing in the skin and causing the skin to get tighter! Basically, Collagen forms over time and develops skin tightening. Besides QWO, Thermage offers visibly tighter skin after just one treatment, with 6 months of improvement over time!

Before and After: The Art Of Natural Transformation.

QWO before after Skin Perfect brothers vline aesthetics
QWO before after Skin Perfect brothers vline aesthetics
QWO before after Skin Perfect brothers vline aesthetics
cellulite information frequently asked questions

Cellulite FAQs

Conversely, what is cellulite?

Cellulite altogether localizes alteration in the contour of the skin. Studies report that in approximately 90% of adult women of all races and ethnicities comparatively to men.

What causes cellulite?

Eventually, three completely normal things happen. Firstly, Fat cells get larger. Secondly, skin gets thinner as well as looser. Thirdly, the fibrous bands under the skin’s surface get thicker. Conclusively, this leads to a dimpled appearance near the Buttocks.

Who gets cellulite?

Comparatively, women are more likely to have cellulite than men. Furthermore, it affects women of all shapes, sizes, ages and races.

Why aren’t men prone to developing cellulite?

Men have thicker skin than women do. Their collagen bands are oriented in a crisscross fashion. Concurrently, this eliminates the ability of the fat lobules to bulge through. If a man is given estrogen hormones, then they are able to develop cellulite if there is enough fat.

Are fat and cellulite the same?

Fat is definitely not cellulite and does not cause it. However, fat cells get bigger between fibrous bands under the skin. This then can contribute to a bumpy appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is Qwo?

QWO is the first and only FDA-Approved injectable especially for the treatment of moderate to severe cellulite.

How does QWO work?

Enzymes called collagenases target the structural causes under the skin, where cellulite starts. It’s thought that QWO works by releasing fibrous bands, then redistributing fat cells, and further stimulating growth of new collagen.

How do I know if QWO is right for me?

Your doctor will determine if you are an appropriate candidate for QWO during doctors appointments.

Can QWO be used to treat cellulite in other areas besides the Buttocks?

QWO is only approved for treatment of moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women. Endo Aesthetics is continuing to investigate additional areas of treatment

How many treatments will I need?

Each Treatment visit may include up to two treatment areas. QWO injections will be given three weeks apart for a total of three treatment visits.

Are there side effects of QWO?

There are risks associated with this product. QWO may cause serious side effects including: allergic (hypersensitivity) reaction, including anaphylaxis, and injection site bruising. These are not all side effects of QWO. Please check with your doctor to see if you are qualified for QWO treatment.

Is Qwo a surgical procedure?

No. QWO is an injectable treatment option that is thought to target a primary structural cause of cellulite – the fibrous septa. The exact mechanism for the treatment of moderate to severe cellulite is unknown. 

Where is QWO available?

QWO is now available in our clinic, Skin Perfect Brothers! Hurry fast, while supplies lasts.

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