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In today’s Skin Perfect Education blog post, Joseph teaches you about the different Types of Acne, their causes, and also the treatments that are available to help get rid or remove Acne. Remember, Skin Perfect Brothers Medical Spa near Irvine Califonia offers Botox, Dermal Fillers, Laser Hair Removal, IPL, Fraxel, Acne, Vein Therapy, Facials, and other Skin Care Anti Aging Solutions. Call us at 909-833-8228 to Schedule your Free Skin Care Consultation. 

As You saw in today’s video, Types of Acne and their Treatments. Joseph explained that there are 5 major types of acne and how you can treat and get rid of acne. 1. Acne is cause by oil production, bacteria overgrowth, and plugged pores.  These three things interact to cause inflammation resulting in  pimple that may be red, swollen, painful and fill with pus.2. There are several type of acne.

  1. Comedonal
  2. Infected
  3. Cystic
  4. Hormonal
  5. Truncal

Here is a brief overview of each type:

Comedonal Acne

Remove Acne on Forehead Comedonal Acne Walnut Los angeles Skin Perfect Brothers Medical Spa Irvine

Comedonal acne are pimples that are dried, not red, and you can see either the white heads or black heads.  The comedones can get steamed then extracted using a metal extractor.  They respond best to Retin A and Benzoyl Peroxide because these are what they call “comodonelytic” or blackheads/whiteheads “breaking” types of medicine.  They will keep the pores clean and keep the number of blackheads and whiteheads down.  If you have this type mix with a little bit of the infected type then this is consider “type 1” or “mild acne” in the standard dermatology classification system.

Infected Acne/Cystic Acne

Get rid of infected acne walnut los angeles Skin Perfect brothers medical Spa IrvineInfected acne are usually red, painful, inflamed, and might have pus.  That means there are lots of bacteria inside.  When these heal they tend to leave behind “PIH” or pigmented scars of red, or brown discoloration.  Either topical or oral antibiotic is good for this stage.  Standard dermatology classification here is “moderate acne” or type 2 acne.  Blue light or laser genesis will vaporize the bacteria and lighten up the pigmented scars.

Cystic Acne are ones that form nodules and sometimes the nodules burrow deep into the skin. They form as a result of enclosure of infected acne underneath the skin. The ones underneath the skin or cystic acne tend to heal by “eating” away the skin.

These types usually leave the second kind of scar which is “pitting or ice pick scars”.   These permanent “dents” in the skin surface looks like “craters” and can be instantly smoothed out with a filler or permanently smoothed out with deep resurfacing lasers (fraxel) or deep chemical peels (Ultra Forte Peels from PCA).   Click Here to Learn more about how Fraxel lasers can smooth scars.

Hormonal Acne

hormonal acne walnut los angeles irvine skin perfect brothers medical spaHormonal Acne are ones that show up or get worse before a period.  Hormonal changes as a woman ages can also trigger acne.   This is a result of levels of estrogen dropping during this period allowing relative stronger testosterone effect on the oil glands, which increase sebum production and increase plugging and inflammation at the pores.  Also hormonal acne tends to affect the chin and jowl area. Spironolactone is a good androgen or male testosterone blocker and has been used by dermatologist to treat hormonal acne effectively.  Oral contraception with low androgenic effect can be added to restore imbalance in the system.   

Truncal Acne

truncal acne walnut los angeles irvine skin perfect brothers medical spaTruncal Acne are pimples that affect the back or the chest.  They usually appear as small red and pus filled bumps.  They often  leave large brown spots (scars) all over the area.  Sometimes the condition is complicated by a fungal infection.  Treatment is antibiotic foam or roller.  Benzoyl Peroxide wash at 8% is helps break up the plugs and decrease bacteria.  Sodium Sulfacetamide 10% and Sulfur 5% foam is a good choice for infected pimple with a suspected case of fungal infection.  In females with hormonal imbalance that induce truncal acne, spironolactone may be added.   For scars PCA body peel delivers great results in just couple of treatments.   Be sure to consider oral antibiotics if the pimples appears inflamed and red and infected.

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