AGELESS TRIO ( Triple Eye Care)

Monthly “Forever Young” maintenance or Pre-event/Special occasion

My journey with Ageless Trio

          My skin has always been a little difficult to deal with. I started having adult acne after high school. I tried a lot of different treatments and finally got my skin under control. I still have some acne here and there but not as bad as it used to. The Ageless Trio really helped balance my combination skin and give me the perfect glow before an event. My skin feels clean, hydrated and glowing!


Click here to see the process in video 


Stay younger longer
Less invasive lasers
Less fillers
Enhance Results


Freshen up before: Wedding reunion, B-day, date with a special someone, gift for someone special, SPA day

Step 1 – Signature Silk Peel Facial 

Feel refreshed with our silk peel microdermabrasion. This facial exfoliates and gets off the dead layer of skin from the epidermis, allowing fresh new skin to thrive.


  1. Removes dead skin and and unclog pores
  2. Promotes new skin to come to the surface
  3. Prevents wrinkles
  4. Brightens and tones the skin

Pampering process:

  1. Double cleansing
  2. Silk Peel microdermabrasion
  3. Extraction
  4. Eye Care

Step 2 – Laser Genesis Collagen Facial

After our pampering facial, laser genesis goes deeper into the dermis to promote collagen growth. You will experience deep rejuvenation with the comfort of high tech laser.


  1. Collagen growth
  2. Firmer skin
  3. Improves crows feet wrinkles/Focus eye care
  4. Improves upper lip lines
  5. Improves absorption of topical

Step 3 – Pampering process

    1. Custom cooling mask – 10 mins
    2. Oxygen/infusion anti-oxidants serum – 5 mins + RF (Radio Frequency) face/neck lift – 5 mins
    3.  RF EYE CARE with pampering massage – 10 mins – RF lifting of face/neck/eyes using Botox like peptide (Acetyl Hexapeptide + HA-Collagen)

European Facial

This treatment is for clients who want to relax! We start with cleasing the face and decollete. We also include an ezyme mask or scrub to exfoliate the skin without being too abrasive. There are light extractions if necessary. Then on to a relaxing massage for the face neck and shoulders. We finish off with a mask customized just for your skin!

Silk Peel Standard 

Click here to see the process in video

Silk Peel Microdermabrasion is to exfoliate and get the dead layer of skin off of the epidermis. At the same time it hydrates, softens and brightens your skin. This treatment also includes extractions, and a rejuvenating mask. It is one of our most popular and most requested treatments!

Oxygen Facial

Click here to see the process in video

Our oxygen treatment serum is penetrated into the skin with our oxygen machine to give it a truly healthy glow. Our serum helps brighten, and also has dead sea minerals, vitamins, and aloe to protect your skin against aging and dehydration. This treatment is very cooling on the skin and is very popular as a post laser facial!

Silk Peel on Back 

Click here to see the process in video

Get a deep clean on one of the most neglected ares of our body. Silk Peel Microdermabrasion exfoliates and gets the dead layer of skin off of the epidermis, which builds up easily on our backs. This treatment also includes extractions if needed, and a rejuvenating back mask.

Acne Facial

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Our acne facial is a combination of our best treatments to combat acne. We start with a light microdermabrasion with our Silk Peel to deep clean before extractions, and then we do a mask suited to each acne client’s specific needs. Then we finish with a Blue light Stim which kills the bacteria on the surface of the epidermis.

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