Pre/Post Treatment Guideline: Spectra Green Laser

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Spectra Green Laser is a treatment that is most effective on Sunspots, Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), Melasma, and Tattoo Removal. 

Pre-Care Spectra Green Laser Treatment

  1. Accordingly, stop all irritating facial products and treatments prior to treatment by two weeks
  2. Also, make sure to drink plenty of water 1 week prior to Spectra Green Laser Treatment day! Start using PMD Super Hydrator daily for 1 week before along with sleeping and hydrating well.
  3. Furthermore, take precautions against UV Rays, stay out of heavy sunlight as well as wear our PMD UV Defense
  4. Additionally, use skin-lightening agents as prescribed. Most patients with ethnic skin will need this pre-treatment for up to 6 weeks to decrease hyperpigmentation and further strengthen skin!
  5. 4%-10% Hydroquinone brightening pads can also be prescribed for use twice a day! However, watch out for redness. Apply PerfectionsMD Super Hydrator to avoid redness!
  6. Clobetasol or other anti-inflammatory creams can be prescribed for use as well. Apply to affected area consistently, then check for redness!

Post-Treatment for Green Laser

  1. Firstly, you may experience dark scabbing of the treated area. Consequently, let the area completely heal without picking or pulling at the scab
  2. Secondly, stop all irritating products such as acids, retinas, peels, or any exfoliations devices 2 weeks after spectra Green laser treatment
  3. Thirdly, apply Neosporin, hydrocortisone cream, and sunscreen across the entire treatment areas 5x’s a day for 2 weeks. Furthermore, you may mix these products together or apply in separate layers.
  4. Also, avoid sun for the next 2 weeks. Use Sun visors available at our clinic!
  5. Finally, after 1 week, return to the clinic for evaluation. Once evaluated and cleared, restart PerfectionsMD Trinity Line Daily. (Super Hydrator, Clarity Moisturizer, and UV Defense)
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