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V-line 3D Contouring


    1. V-line Power lift
    2. V-line Power Slim
    3. V-line 3D contouring

What is V-line 3D contouring ?

If you are considering doing the V-line 3D contouring you may need to do the above treatment (1 and 2) first. We will assess your skin during your free consultation.

Although each person is unique, certain facial features are more common in some ethnicity than others. For example, Europeans tend to have more projected features than people from Asian countries. V-line 3D contouring is a 3 steps process that requires strategic injections of fillers (such as Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane and Sculptra) in three different areas to make the face more attractive.

V-line 3D contouring is determined by three projected points:

  1. Forehead/temples
  2. Nose/lips
  3. Chin

V-line 3D contouring solves the following problems:

  1. Flat forehead/Sunken temples
  2. Depression in the nose and tip
  3. Thin lips and shortened chin

Benefits include the creation of three dimensional projections in the following areas:

  1. Fuller forehead and temples
  2. Fill and raise the bridge and the tip of the nose
  3. Plumper lips and projected chin

V-line 3D contouring is customized for each person’s unique facial features, so a combination of all three steps may be needed for best results.

Real people, Real Results

Facial Slim with Botox can also be performed to slim down your jaw line