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V-Line Power Slim

What is V-Line Power Slim?

It is a three steps procedure that shapes the jaw to a more slender look ( v-line) as well as giving a more defined line to the jaw. 


Main Reasons:

1. My face is too squared or round.

2. I look tired or sad because I have a fat bulge hanging on the side of my mouth.I have droopy mouth corners.

3. I have double chin and my jaw line is gone.

3 Step Process:

Facial Slimming Options Web

1. Slim down jaw bulges with Botox Facial Slimming Click Here for Botox Information

2. Melt away cheek fat (Buccal Fat) with Kybella. (Off Label)

3. Melt away chin fat with FDA approved Kybella.

Read more about Kybella

News on Kybella


 1.Botox Facial Sliming is off label use of botox ( forehead is off label but is done commonly). Takes just 1 shot ( 20-60 u ) on each side of the cheek ( Maseter muscles) and has less discomfort than furrow treatment. See facial slimming in less than 2 weeks, and it last up to 6 month.

2. Hanging Cheek Fat is also known as buccal fat. Due to gravity the fat in the cheek gets pull down to near mouth corner giving a sad tired look.   Kybella injections can be use off label to address this area.  Takes 2 to 3 sessions few weeks apart.  Begin to See results within 4 weeks

3. Kybella is approved on label for Double Chin. Once the fat is gone from the chin, may consider tightening treatments. 


Clients treated at Skin Perfect Brothers

Results after 2 V-line Power Slim with Botox




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