Personal Weight Loss

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Having trouble with your weight? Want to get fit but you aren’t sure where to start? Visit us for the answers. Our physician-supervised programs can get you on the fast track to weight loss – your way. We’ll customize a program to meet your goals and physique, and monitor your progress. Try it today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What methods do you use?

Our programs include:
• Diet/exercise plans to fit your lifestyle
• Herbal supplements to increase metabolism
• Accupuncture/accupressure treatments
• Targetted fat removal with LipoDisolv mesotherapy injections
• Perscription medications

How much weight can I lose?

It is possible to lose 2-4 pounds a week using our programs. However, weight loss results will depend greatly on your body type and current weight. For better estimate, please schedule an appointment to consult with one of our weight loss specialists.

Are there any medications involved?

Certain patients do need medications to help speed up the weight loss process. However, the medications used vary depending on your body type and other health conditions you may have.

Will I gain the weight back?

No matter what weight loss program you undertake, there is always a chance that you will regain weight. However, our staff will also help you develop healthy eating habits and an exercise regimen to ensure that you have the tools you need to maintain your desired weight.

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