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Weight Management

We have several ways to help you loose weight and get the shape you like. Combining with a healthy diet and exercise routine, these methods and help you achieve your goals and maintain you weight long term.

*Our Newest Fat Freezing Service*

1. CoolSculpting


Learn More about CoolSculpting Here

2. Mesotherapy

3. FDA Prescription Pills

4. B12 Shots

Cutera Laser Hair Removal
2. Mesotherapy originated from France, it is a targeted fat removal with LipoDissolve mesotherapy injections. Great for lifting dissolving extra fat on both sides of your waist (Love Handles), belly and any area needed.
Cutera Laser Hair Removal
3. Note: Joseph Liu is a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians.
Cutera Laser Hair Removal
4. These Vitamin B12 shots are also helpful for people who want to lose weight, because they help speed up the metabolism. Couple that with the energy you have, and exercise becomes easier as well. It’s easy to shed pounds when you’re alert and full of energy.
b12 shots another great benefit to B12 energy shots is they help prevent cardiovascular disease. This is a great benefit for anyone who may have a history of heart disease in their family. And since heart disease is one of the biggest killers, this can be a great technique to use to keep the ticker healthy.

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