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What Are Brown SPOTS and HOW Do I Remove Them?

In this video, Fei Be talks about Brown spots and how to remove them.Skin Perfect Brothers Medical Spa in Walnut Califonia Whittier offers Botox, Dermal Fillers, Laser Hair Removal, IPL, Fraxel, Acne, Vein Therapy, Facials, and other Skin Care Anti Aging Solutions. Call us at 909-833-8228 to Schedule your Free Skin Care Consultation.

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brown spots iplTo Get a FREE Consultation with one of our Beauty Enhancing Experts, Call us NOW @ 909-833-8228.So in Today’s Video, Fei Bi Talks about Brown Spots and how to remove them from your face.

Here are some of the Key Points that we covered in today’s Skin Perfect Educational Video:

-There are different types of Brown Spots

   –Small and Freckle like

   –Large and Big Brown spots which can cover a large portion of your face.

-Melasma- Large Area Brown spots on the face.

-Colasma- Brown spots that women get when they’re pregnant

-Cells in the Skin called Melanocytes produce a Pigmant called melanin.

-Melanin is what give your skin, color.

   –This is what distinguishes us from the different races that are out there. (African-American or Black, Asian, Hispanic, White/Caucasian, Native American, Indian, Middle Eastern, So on and So Forth)

   –More Melanin means Darker Skin

   — Lesser amount of Melanin means Lighter Skin color

-UV Light from the sun causes more Melanin production

   –More Sun Exposure can cause Sun Damage and Sun Spots on the Skin

-Melasma is developed much deeper in the skin than sun spots.

-Treatments that we offer to help get rid of brown spots are IPL and FRAXEL.

IPL = Intense Pulse Light. It is a flash of light on the skin which the brown spots absorb which will cause damage on the brown spots. This is a good thing because later the Brown spots will become flaky and fall off. 

   –-IPL can’t be done on Skin That is too Dark (African American, Indian, Middle Eastern Skin.) Only lighter skin tone.

-There are products out there to help with Smaller and lighter toned Brown Spots. Retin-A Being one of them.

 -For deeper Brown spots, we have something called Fraxel; which is a Laser that goes deep into the skin and causes the Melanin to break up. This will make the face bronze looking and that area will peel off.

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