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What is Laser Genesis?

Our amazing Cutera Laser Genesis is a photorejuvenation procedure that can correct several common conditions resulting in a much more youthful appearance. Consequently, treatment will cause reduced wrinkles, smaller pores, an improvement in skin texture, and erythema reduction can all be obtained from this painless treatment! In addition, this treatment is often called “the collagen laser” for its ability to promote skin regrowth. Furthermore, it also reduces pore size and the appearance of wrinkles, keeps skin firm, treats and prevents acne, and most of all promotes a healthy glow to the complexion.

They saved my face!! I’ve had my treatments for about 6 months here to treat my acne and red skin, and very sensitive skin.  I’d decided to give it a try and I’m glad I did. Laser genesis treatment works amazing for my acne and uneven skin tone. Am so happy and my skin improved a lot and I still keep coming back and maintaining the results. Highly recommend!!   Edda C. | Temple City, CA

Lifestyle Laser Genesis Rejuvenation

Accordingly, here at Skin Perfect Brothers, our facial rejuvenation is one of the three steps to our Lifestyle Total Facial Maintenance program. Considerably, for those who want total skin rejuvenation on a regular basis without discomfort or downtime, then this service is an ideal choice. Furthermore, one of the most amazing benefits is the hyper-moisturization experienced due to the increase in circulation for the first 24 hours as the skin absorbs 50% more moisture from any products that you apply during this time. Moreover, other benefits include only one treatment per month. Then, with visible results and after only 3-6 treatments. Additionally, this helps to maintain the results of injectable fillers and Botox.

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Are you unhappy with your wrinkles? There are treatment options available for you!

Botox (or Xeomin) for furrow and brow line (described below).
Ultherapy and Thermage are great for fine wrinkles caused by loose skin in the lower face near mouth corners and neck.
Fraxel laser resurfacing and Eclips skin needling with PRP (platelet rich plasma), both address wrinkles that have etched a crease (scars) into the skin in areas such as furrow line, crows feet, and upper lips.
Cutera Laser Genesis is the ultimate solution for anyone who can not afford a day or two of downtime.

Acne and Scarring

Further, Laser Genesis is also a great alternative for those who desire increasing clarity from acne and scars without discomfort or the inconvenience of downtime. Importantly, treatment vaporizes the bacteria that causes acne, decreases overactive oil secretion, and stimulates collagen to fill in pitting scars.

Red, Sensitive Skin (Rosacea)

Unlike most other lasers, this facial rejuvenation does not cause thinner skin to peel. Rather, it builds layers of collagen into the skin, stabilizing the fragile capillary structures that can cause the red appearance seen in those suffering from Rosacea. With Laser Genesis is a gentle and effective treatment for these sensitive skin types, with visible results after 6-9 treatments scheduled at one treatment per month.

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Laser Genesis FAQs

Importantly, how many treatments do I need?
Most people need around six treatments of Laser Genesis for full correction. You’ll start to notice results after around the third treatment.

Considerably, will the results be long-lasting?
Considerably, the effects of Laser Genesis will last over a year on most patients.

Is there any downtime later?
There’s no downtime at all to this revolutionary procedure! However, we recommend that you avoid heavy sun exposure for the first few days after your treatment.

How often can I have laser Genesis performed?
Also, we recommend that you space your Laser Genesis treatments four to six weeks apart from each other for maximum results

What are the advantages of Laser Genesis over other Laser Procedures?
The advantages of the Laser Genesis over fractional laser procedures include:
• Firstly, no risk of hyperpigmentation
• Secondly, no pain
• Thirdly, no downtime
• FDA Approval

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