The Acne Program You've Been waiting for | What Acne is and How We Heal it

You may be asking yourself, what causes acne? How can I treatment my ongoing acne problems? How can I develop an acne program that works to further help clear my skin? At Skin Perfect Brothers, we strive to keep a consistent program ready for you and your needs! 

Are you struggling with acne? We have the Acne Treatment for you!

Acne is a common skin disease basically characterized by pimples on the face, chest, and back. Additionally, it occurs when the pores of the skin become clogged. Skin can get clogged especially with oil, dead skin cells, as well as bacteria which tends to affect areas such as the  face, chest and back. All of these factors interact altogether to cause inflammation. This then causes pimples that may become cystic (hardened under-the-skin), red, swollen, painful and filled with pus.

There is a large population of people that experience acne, around 85% of a population between the ages twelve through twenty-four. Our acne program benefits each individual depending on the type of acne they’re experiencing.

What type of acne do you have?


Comedonal acne consists of Pimples that are dried, not red, and you can see either whiteheads or blackheads. Moreover, the comedones can get steamed then extracted using a metal extractor.  Notably, they respond best to Retin A and Benzoyl Peroxide. To emphasize, Retin A and Benzoyl Peroxide will keep the pores clean and minimize the number of blackheads and whiteheads popping up.

Inflammatory acne

Usually red, painful, inflamed, and may contain pus, which means there is a large amount of bacteria inside.  When these heal they tend to leave behind “PIH” or pigmented scars of red or brown discoloration. Either topical or oral antibiotic is good for this stage of acne.  Blue light or laser genesis can also vaporize the bacteria and lighten up the pigmented scars


Hormonal acne tends to appear or worsen before a menstrual period. Furthermore, hormonal changes as a woman ages can also trigger breakouts. Moreover, the reaction of the Acne is the result of levels of estrogen dropping during this period allowing for stronger testosterone levels to affect the oil glands, which increase sebum production and promote plugging and inflammation of pores. Spironolactone is a good androgen and has been used by many dermatologists to treat hormonal acne effectively.


Cystic acne will form nodules that sometimes burrow deep into the skin. Specifically, this type of acne forms as a result of an enclosure of infected acne underneath the skin. It also tends to heal by “eating” away at the skin.


Truncal acne, which are the kinds of pimples that affect the back or the chest, usually appear as small red and pus-filled bumps. They often  leave large brown spots (scars) all over the area.

Do you want clear, beautiful skin? Our Acne Program can help!

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Laser Genesis with Cutera (R)

Laser Genesis is a painless, photo-rejuvenation procedure that can correct several common conditions resulting in a much more youthful appearance. The treatment reduced wrinkles, as well as smaller pores. Ultimately, it causes an improvement in skin texture, and erythema reduction!

Skin Perfect Brothers V line aesthetics cutera treatment
"They saved my face!! I've had my treatments about 6 months here to treat my acne and red skin. My skin was very sensitive. The consultant Moon and Dr. Joseph checked my skin very carefully and helped me set up a treatment plan. I decided to give it a try and I'm glad I did. Laser genesis works amazing for my acne and uneven skin tone.  My skin improved a lot and I'm still keep coming back and maintain the result. Highly recommend!! "                 Edda C., | Temple City, CA
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Purifying Acne Facial | Acne Program

Our exceptional Acne facial is a combination of our best treatments to combat acne. Through our Purifying Acne Facial, we begin with a light microdermabrasion using our Silk Peel to deep clean before extractions. Continually, it is followed by a soothing, relaxing mask suited to your unique skincare needs. Finally, we finish with a Blue Light Stim to kill the bacteria on the surface of the skin, preventing future acne breakouts.

"I did a facial treatment by Ms. Cherry.  She had gentle hands and extracted my face carefully. I enjoyed the service and experience. You can definitely trust your skin to her. All staff are wonderful, informative and very friendly. I like how I received follow up about my appointment. They follow safety protocol."     Ashley A| Rowland Heights. CA

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Spectra Laser Treatment for your Acne Program

Spectra Laser has several applications due to its various wavelengths. Ultimately, It’s like having multiple lasers in one easy-to-use platform. This treatment is most effective on Sunspots, Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), Melasma, and Tattoo Removal.
Skin Perfect Brothers V line aesthetics Treatment Spectra

"I met Joseph and his staff and he recommended spectra laser for my skin. I've had several treatments and have seen great improvement. I'd recommend this place to anyone with skin issues." Sam N. | Pasadena, CA

Watch How We Improve Acne Scars

Our Perfections MD Skin Care Acne Program

clarity skin care line

Use PMD cosmeceuticals and combine with the following prescriptions for best results.

Clarity Skin Care line improves:

  1. Acne
  2. Pigmentation
  3. Anti-Aging
  4. Hydration

For more in depth information on the cause and prescription treatment of acne, please visit our Education section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How do you know if your acne is hormonal based?

Excessive oil production. Acne below in the chin and jowl line. New or worsen pimple around the time of menstrual cycle, especially before the period.  Resistant to basic treatment such as Retin A or Benzoyl Peroxide.

How do I treat hormonal Acne?

Continue your basics such as Retin A and Benzoyl Peroxide. Consider Spironolactone. This is a FDA approved pill for management of blood pressure and certain heart conditions. But dermatologists and endocrinologists (or physicians who specialize in hormones) have been using this medication for years to treat hormonal acne.

What Clears Acne?

Spironolactone clears hormonal acne by blocking receptors on the oil gland and by decreasing testosterone level in the body. It also decreases the inflammation of the pimple, so you see less red and pus. You need to take it for at least a couple of weeks to see improvement and continue several months until we come up with a topical regimen that controls your acne.

I recommend the Acne Control topical prescriptions available here at the clinic. For resistant cases specialists will add oral contraceptives that have low androgenic effect ( or testosterone effect). Some doctors recommend you take a blood test for potassium after 1 month and 2 month and watch for temporary side effects such as breast tenderness and irregular cycle. The past 5 years I rarely see these side effects and believe Spironolactone is safer than most antibiotics people take to treat acne. Spironolactone is not recommended for males due to its feminizing effects.

What are the Causes of Hormonal Acne?

Over stimulation of oil glands by testosterone. Imbalance of hormones. Ratio of estrogen and testosterone balance is off. Estrogen/ Testosterone in the female body is 10 to 1. Before period and during menopause and as the female gets older, Estrogen Drops causing the body to have relatively more testosterone, which causes acne through oil gland stimulation.

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