Pre/Post Treatment Guideline: Spectra Laser

Spectra Laser is most effect on Sunspots, Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) Melasma, and Tattoo Removal. According to protocols taken from Lutronic USA, the makers of Spectra Laser, studies show that adding topical creams to laser treatments lead to better results.

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Pigmentation Treatments Guideline | Spectra Laser

Pigmentation Skin Protocol - Skin Types Skin Perfect Brothers
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Pre/Post Treatment Guideline: Spectra Laser

Spectra Laser Pre Treatment

  1. Stop all irritating products such as acids, retinas, peels, or any exfoliation devices accordingly. This means 2 weeks before and after treatment.
  2. Additionally, drink plenty of water 1 week before and after treatment.
  3. Start also using a light, oil free moisturizer such as the PerfectionsMD Super Hydrator Serum 5x a day for 1 week before treatment. This will speed the recovery process afterward. 
  4. Avoid sun for 2 weeks to prevent collagen breakdown on the skin and pigmentation. Always take precaution to avoid overexposure to sunlight by applying sunscreen such as PerfectionsMD UV Defense every 2-3 hours.
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Take Care of Yourself and Your Health with our PerfectionsMD Products and our Spectra Laser Treatment!

  1. Use skin-lightening agents as prescribed. Most patients with ethnic skin will basically need this pre-treatment or prep for 6 weeks to greatly decrease the chance of hyperpigmentation (based on evaluation). 
  2. 4%-10% Hydroquinone brightening pad can also be prescribed for use twice a day. Swipe over affected area 3-5 times, although looking out for redness. If you are experiencing persistent redness afterwards, then skip a day and apply PerfectionsMD Super Hydrator throughout the day until it subsides. This is because prescriptions should be used for 4 months at a time, followed by 1 month of rest before restarting.
  3. We also prescribe Clobetasol or another anti-inflammatory creams for use twice a day. Apply to affected area after brightening pads, further looking out for redness. 
  4. Use PerfectionsMD Hydrating Mask for 2 days before treatment and afterwards as well. Leave it on the face for a minimum of 35 minutes. After removing the mask, then apply the remaining serum from the package to your face. (No need for rinsing afterwards).
  5. Arrive 1 hour earlier and before treatment for numbing cream application. 
  6. You may take Tylenol or Xanax. However, make sure someone can drive you home or you can drive home yourself! Do NOT take Motrin or Advil!

Post-Treatment for Spectra Laser

  1. Firstly, avoid sunlight for the next two weeks afterwards. Use our Sun Visors available at our clinic!
  2. Secondly, wash with water or non-irritating cleanser such as Perfections MD Hydrating Gentle Cleanser .
  3. Certainly, use PerfectionsMD Hydrating Mask for 3 days after treatment. Also make sure to follow the same instructions as listed in the Pre Treatment.
  4. After Spectra Laser Treatment, if you see a thin layer of crusted skin, then please do not run it off. Furthermore, let it fall off by itself. 
  5. Do not use a scrub or irritating product to exfoliate the dead layer of skin for 2 weeks. 
  6. After 1 week, return to the clinic for further evaluation. Once evaluated and cleared, then restart PerfectionsMD Trinity Line daily. 
  7. Finally, some see results after their first Spectra Laser Treatment. Although the best results can typically be seen 4 months after the last treatment.
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Spectra Laser FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Better results are typically seen while patient received Spectra Laser Treatment along with Hydroquinone.

Consider using a smaller amount twice a week combined with a moisturizer before giving up on treatment altogether. 

PerfectionsMD Skin Brightening series is an all-natural treatment line made up of natural ingredients. These all-natural ingredients also include Arbutin, Green Tea extract, Mulberry extract, Licorice, Vitamin C, and potent antioxidants.

Melasma or Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) are certainly long-term inflammatory processes. Inflammation causes further pigmentation. Using these creams decreases your pigmentation by suppressing the inflammation process afterwards. 

Laser Treatments heat the skin and cause inflammation. Icing at least ten minutes can help to decrease this effect further and speed the recovery of the skin. Therefore, stay away from hot environments for the first few months after getting your treatment.

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