Sculptra Butt Lift | Beautiful Shape & Beautiful Lift

The Sculptra Butt Lift is a specialized treatment to increase the volume in your buttocks by increasing the amount of collagen in the body. Over time, this collagen will fill out the depleted tissue areas, resulting in better contour and more defined curves to the buttock area.


Is Sculptra Butt Lift Right for You?

If you feel like you

  • Firstly, have a flat or sagging buttocks area
  • Secondly, want more beautiful and youthful curvature of your body
  • Finally, have cellulite dimples and want to smooth and fill those areas

Overall, how long does treatment take?

Basically, a typical treatment only takes about 3o minutes. Because of this, come in on your lunch break and leave lifted afterwards!

How many vials of Sculptra will I need?

Accordingly, we use different amounts of Sculptra depending on your concerns and desired outcome! Additionally, we’d recommend coming in for a free in-person or virtual consultation to further elaborate on your concerns!

How long will my Sculptra butt lift last afterwards?

Generally, treatment results last up to 2 years, obviously making this a great value for your personal beauty investments!

How long does it take for Sculptra to fill out the depleted tissue?

Immediately following injection, your buttocks may appear bigger simply due to swelling. However, swelling undeniably decreases after a few days. Therefore, over the next year, the injected Sculptra stimulates your own collagen to grow. Thus, you will receive visible results starting as early as 2-3 months thereafter. We recommend re-injecting every few months until the desired outcome is achieved, with typical results lasting up to 2 years.

Sculptra Butt Lift addresses an underlying cause of aging skin, not just symptoms.

As we age, our collagen levels start to decrease and our bodys’ skin starts to sag and develop wrinkling. If you’d like to replenish that collagen that’s been missing in your life for so long, consider choosing Sculptra Aesthetic to activate that collagen and get rid of wrinkling and sagging skin! This FDA approved injectable helps reactivate your skin’s natural glow gradually over time. Give your skin the volume it deserves with this long-lasting treatment!

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