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Accordingly, our V-Line Power Lift is a specialized aesthetic procedure to lift the face via the artistic use of fillers, then PDO threads, and Xeomin (a purer form of Botox). Additionally, this exclusive technique delivers 3D injection points on the face, and recreating youthful contours such as defined jawlines, and natural v-lines. Furthermore, benefits include improved laugh lines, under eye aging, and droopy mouth corners. Afterwards, you receive a natural look is guaranteed!

Non-Surgical V Line Power Lift

“I have been going to Skin Perfect Brothers for more years than I can remember.  Joseph does wonderful work and has performed many treatments for me.  He’s truly an artist who takes pride in his work.”    Mikole D. | Chino Hills

Before & After: The Art Natural of Transformation

v line power lift and 3d contour skin perfect brothers
V Line Power Lift with PDO Threads
v line power lift skin perfect brothers
v line power lift eye rejuvenation

Mouth Corner Treatments

v lift for mouth corner skin perfect brothers
v lifting the mouth corner skin perfect brothers
Mouth Corner Treatment Before and After

Experience the Instant, Beautiful Mid-Face Lift

Natural Results

Ultimately, your natural V-line shape is restored, maintained and enhanced. Secondly, there is no overfill and no round, plastic, or swollen face. Also, balance and symmetry are restored if there are any discrepancies from one side of the face to the other, giving you a youthful appearance.

Comfortable and Safe

Altogether, V Line Power Lift uses a very special tip, which is called a cannula. Certainly, injections done by our expertly trained injection artists, minimizing discomfort and bruising.


Undoubtedly, like a surgical facelift, fillers lift not only the surface skin but also the deep muscle layers by using a specialized threading technique to power-lift the face at a fraction of the cost.

Evidently, a V Line, or “V-Shaped” face is a commonly used term to describe a slim and oval-shaped face which narrows into a sharp point at the chin. It is the hottest trend amongst women today.

Also, the V Line face shape tends to make the face look more feminine, making it the ideal choice for many celebrities. There are a few different ways to achieve this look. Our medical specialists can analyze which method is best for your individual needs.

Finally, the V Line Power Lift is a 3 step process that delivers surgical results without the invasive hassle of surgery and is trending in the world of facial rejuvenation.

v line power lift 1 Skin perfect brothers
v line power lift 2 Skin perfect brothers
v line power lift 3 Skin perfect brothers
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