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Lip Art
Perfect Lips Exclusively at Skin Perfect Brothers

When we create Lip Art, we are contouring the sides of the Lip and creating a more contoured look! Many of our patients come in concerned that they will have what is called a “Duck Look”. However, we assure them that we create a look for them that is proportional and creates harmony through their Facial appearance and overall structure of each lip! Our trained physicians are amazing at creating the amazing Lip Art treatment! Our treatments always help to lift the Lip rather than to extend them so you can guarantee “no duck lip”. Our products also grow collagen so you can guarantee growth!

So many benefits and it only takes 15 minutes - with no down time and beautiful lips lasts 6-9 months.

lip anatomy for lip art
Lip proportions
Lip harmomy

PDO and Filler lip flip is quick and easy!

Get the PERFECT pout |  Get more LUSCIOUS,  PLUMPER, and FULLER lips  |  SOFTEN wrinkles on your upper lip line

Russian lip technique
PDO Thread benefits include:
  • Contouring of the lip border
  • Improves upper lip wrinkles
  • Helps to grow more collagen!
  • Creates a vibrant, natural, and plumped lip
  • Instant results lasting 6-9 months

Filler benefits include:

  • More Volume
  • Luscious lip
  • More confidence

Fillers We Offer:

Before and After: The Art of Transformation

Skin Perfect Brothers LIP Art
Skin Perfect Brothers LIP Art
Skin Perfect Brothers LIP Art Lip Art by Vicky

Our Lips Augmentation Guarantee

Whether you’ve noticed your lips thinning over time, or simply want fuller lips, Skin Perfect Brothers can give you natural-looking results that last with a non-surgical lip augmentation. We will NEVER overfill your lips to look unnatural! We specialize in creating a look that is most targeted to you and your desired outcome! Come into Skin Perfect Brothers today and learn more about our amazing services! Our practitioners will help you with our incredible packages that can help you fulfill your desired Skin and Body goals!

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