Droopy mouth corners

Droopy Mouth Corners

Did you ever had someone ask you “why do you look so sad?” or “why do you look angry?” even though you feel great? If yes, you might be suffering from droopy mouth corners. These lines that run downward from the corner of the mouth and along the chin are called marionette lines and can often make you look grumpy and/or unhappy.

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What are the causes?

Main causes:

1. Loose skin

2. Pulling down of the mouth corner by muscles in the face and neck

3. Loss of volume in the face

4. Droopy buccal (cheek) fat

5. Overactivity of lower facial muscles

What treatments?

The two main treatments we use to treat marionette lines are the V-Line Power Lift Click here to learn more –  and the Botox Neck and Mouth Corner Lift – Click here to learn more

1. V-Line Power Lift is a 3-step process that works much like a facelift. It gently lifts the drooping areas of the face such as marionette lines, creating a younger and more radiant appearance. This lift can be accomplished through a combination of the three methods listed below, depending on your unique needs.

  • Mid facelift with Radiesse or Juvederm Voluma
  • Power facelift with Sculptra
  • Power lift with Ultherapy

Learn more about the V-Line Power Lift here.

2. Botox may be used to minimize lines around the mouth and relax the lower facial muscles.  Neck bands can also be treated to keep from pulling down the corners of the mouth.