What is Laser Hair Removal?

Accordingly, if you’re not happy with shaving, tweezing or waxing unwanted hair, then our Hair Removal procedure may be the non-invasive procedure for you! Additionally, Laser Hair Removal is a procedure used to remove unwanted hair from the body through the use of lasers. Afterward, it’s generally considered to be less painful than electrolysis, and faster too! Afterwards, typical results take at least 6 sessions to create full effect, with each treatment scheduled 8-12 weeks apart. Also, hair Removal uses lasers by beaming concentrated light in the direction surrounding the unwanted hair. Although Hair Removal targets dark unwanted hair by leaving the skin surrounding the hair untouched and undamaged. 

Laser Hair Removal - Elite IQ
Elite IQ Laser Treatment machine

Elite IQ Laser Hair Removal

The Elite iQ is a the most popular dual-wavelength aesthetic laser treatment!

I had laser hair removal and years later hairs still do not grow back as I had hairs before the procedure. Highly recommend this place.  Jane D. | Los Angeles, CA

Hair Removal Prep

  1. Limit another waxing session, plucking and electrolysis
  2. Basically, avoid Sun Exposure

Areas We Offer

X-Large Areas

Full Face, Lower Arm, Upper Arm, Lower Leg, Upper Leg

Large Areas

Full Neck, Stomach Area, Back Area, Chest Area, Brazilian

Medium Areas

Partial Face, Upper or Lower Face, Upper or Lower Neck,

Ear Lobes, Eyebrows, Partial Neck, Bikini Line

Shoulders, Hands, Areolas

Small Areas

Upper Lip and Chin, Side Burns, Happy Trail, Underarms

Benefits Include

  • Firstly, skin becomes so smooth that it looks as if it’s been waxed.
  • Secondly, you will save time and money spent on shaving every day!
  • Thirdly, areas inconvenient for shaving and waxing can be treated quickly, preventing embarrassment.
  • Further, See 70%-90% improvement in hair removal!
  • Lastly, Lasers remove hair follicles without damage to the skin
  • Why would I want laser hair removal?

    Importantly, Hair Removal can save you time and money that you currently spend on shaving and waxing. Certainly, it also yields a clean look that you can’t achieve with just shaving.

  • Evidently, Cutera is one of the first lasers to safely be offered to clinicians for Hair Removal procedure.

Laser Hair Removal Chart
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