What is Sculptra?

Importantly, Sculptra Aesthetic is an ideal facial filler for wrinkles, fine lines, and skin folds. Accordingly, this treatment stands out from other facial fillers in that it gives natural results that are noticeable and last for more than 2 years! Additionally, it consists of poly-L-lactic acid which uses dissolvable stitches and facial injectables. Afterward, the body absorbs the substance to stimulate new collagen growth with three treatments on average. The results – albeit gradual – is natural, subtle improvements that last long term! Spectra also solves the underlying problem of aging. In general, Skin Perfect Brothers is a fully certified and experienced Sculptra facility. We approach facial rejuvenation as an art so that each client receives a natural, effective and safe result.

Skin Perfect Brothers Sculptra

I am so happy I found Skin Perfect a couple of years ago. They are always up to date on the latest fillers and laser treatments at a very affordable price. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I just finished my third round of Sculptra and am looking forward to great results. Joseph takes great care of me. 🙂  I highly recommend this place.   L.C. | Brea, CA

How it Works

Altogether, Sculptra replaces and reproduces the lost Collagen in your body by filling fine lines and wrinkles on your page. Sculptra® Aesthetic is another poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) collagen stimulator. In short, it restores the underlying structure of the skin to further decrease facial wrinkles. Without doubt, Sculptra does not contain human, animal, or bacterial components. As opposed to other long-acting fillers, Sculptra does not require allergy testing prior to treatment. Eventually, come in for a free consultation and learn more about how you can start your journey!

Before and After: The Art of Natural Transformation

What is the Sculptra Butt Lift?

Evidently, theSculptra Butt Lift is a specialized treatment to increase the volume in your buttocks. Moreover, treatment increases the amount of collagen in the body. Over time, this collagen will fill out the depleted tissue areas, then resulting in better contour and more defined curves to the buttock area.

As we age, our collagen levels start to decrease. Afterwards, our body and skin eventually sag and develop further wrinkling. Finally, If you’d like to replenish that collagen that’s been missing in your life for so long, consider choosing Sculptra Aesthetic to activate that collagen. In conclusion, get rid of wrinkling and sagging skin today! Unquestionably, this FDA approved injectable reactivates your skin’s natural glow gradually over time. Therefore, give your butt the volume it deserves with this long-lasting treatment!

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