We Can Uplift, Smooth and Beautify Your Neck

Am I a candidate for a neck lift? Let's see!

1. Look into a mirror and show your lower teeth. These wrinkle bands should appear on your neck. If they appear, you may be a candidate.

2. If no chin fat or very little chin fat is detected, you may be a candidate.

3. If you are on the slender side, exercise a lot, or lift weights, you may be a candidate.

This condition takes only five minutes to treat with the best results appearing after a week and lasting for 3-6 months.

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Non-Invasive Botox Neck Lift Treatments

A really important muscle that contributes greatly to droopy mouth corners, loss of jaw definition, and neck-band wrinkles is the platysmal band.  Botox injections stop these muscles from pulling down mouth corners and jawline muscles and will soften thick wrinkles bands.

Before & After: The Art of Natural Transformation - In about 5 minutes!

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The V-Line Power Lift Solution: Power Lift Your Face with Natural Results


V-Line Power Lift is a specialized aesthetic procedure to lift the face via the artistic use of fillers, PDO threads, and Xeomin ( A purer form of Botox). This exclusive technique delivers 3D injection points on the face, recreating youthful contours such as defined jawlines and natural v-lines. Benefits include improved laugh lines, under eye aging, and droopy mouth corners. A natural look is guaranteed!

What is V Line Power Slim?

V Line Power Slim is a three-step procedure that shapes the jaw into a more slender and defined point. The solution for heavy lower face!

What is V-Line 3D contouring Solution?

If you are considering doing V-Line 3D contouring solution, you may need to first complete treatment steps 1 and 2 listed above. Our skilled injection artists will assess your condition during your free consultation. Then we’ll determine which treatments are necessary for your specific needs.

Although each person is unique, certain facial features are more common to some ethnicities than others. For example, Europeans tend to have more projected features than their Asian counterparts. V-Line 3D contouring is a 3-step process that requires strategic injections of fillers (such as Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane and Sculptra) in three different areas to make the face more contoured.

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